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The impact of the global crisis on the MBA programs

It has been months that all we hear is news about layoffs and personal cuts from the most prestiogius companies as well. In these days many ask how the enrollment numbers for the MBA programs will go.

Certainly, there are less peope who apply for the MBA programs, so competition between business schools are getting more intensive. On the other hand, everybody is saying that actually the crisis would be gone in one year to two years time. In that case if a student is starting an MBA program now, the crisis would be over by his graduation, exactly when companies will start again recruiting on a higher scale. Surely, the competition on the labor market will be higher, so a good MBA degree might just make the difference.

MBA admission interview

MBA programs at Business Schools are not easy to get in to. Meanwhile you are most probably busy with choosing the perfect university or business school and looking for the program that you are interested in, you obviously also making more than one application, and you think that that’s is.

Leonardo Da Vinci Programme in Europe

Leonardo Programme! Most students have heard about in Europe and the luckiest ones have even had a work experience thank to this international program set up by the European Commission.  I am sure you have already read on the Leonardo Da Vinci Programme Europe but you may ask: How this can be good for me?

The European Union’s aim was to foster an initiative which triggers lifelong learning, cross border knowledge sharing and best practices in 31 European Countries. So how can you, as a business student, can take advantage of this?

How can I write a generic cover letter?

How can I write a generic cover letter? If this is your question, here you can find an answer. We are providing you with some useful tips on how to write a good cover letter. In future articles you will find some good examples and templates too. Please note that If you are applying for a job or for an internship, you might be interested in our Blank Resume Form Free. Have a glance at the article linked.

How to write a standard letter of reference

Write standard letter reference is an issue that could take some of your time if you don’t know how to deal with it. This is the reason why we provide a free Example Letter of Personal Reference and some general indications about how to recommend a friend or an employee. Have a glance here and at the article linked before.

Example Letter of Personal Reference

Example letter of personal reference. That’s what you need and that’s what you get at the end of this article. Now, as I already pointed out in the Blank Resume Form Free article, you can directly go at the end of this page and take our word file as an example, or you can just spend some time in reading how to adapt it to your personal needs.

Top Ten Travel Destination

holiday, travel and leisure

Top ten travel destination! Even though this is a business students portal, I know you might be interested in find a place where to go on holiday. Looking for a peaceful destination? Or do you prefer crowded places, with exciting nightlife? Priorities are definitely different and subjective: it is possible to find in the net a lot of lists of top ten travel destination, made using various criteria.

Stressful job equals to stressful life?

Stress less job? Yeah, that is what your doctor will subscribe you! My co-editor mate has just had a really nice article on demanding jobs (least stressful jobs) so let me deal with it.

Blank Resume Form Free

resume and curriculum samples

Blank resume form free?! Cover letters and Example Letter of Personal Reference? You’re in the right place. Now you have two possibilities: you can directly go down at the end of the article, click on the appropriate link and get your blank resume form free, or you could spend 2 minutes in reading some indications about how to fill it. I would suggest the second option, obviously…

Business Plan Competition - NUS Business School

The international business plan competition Cerebration ‘09  is launched by NUS Business School of Singapore. The 2009 represents the fifth year of this competition and the previous editions had the best business schools all over the world as participants. London Business School and the Rotterdam School of Management are just some of them.

If you think you have talent and you can compete with some of the top business minds all over the world, don’t miss the chance to participate to this large business plan competition. You will be challenged to work on real life cases based on three leading Asian companies, that are the sponsor of the competition.

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